Quanto von der Bahrener Hohe     
black and red male
born: 10/15/2002
titles: Sch III, KKL-I, V

Quanto's large structure, rich pigment, temperament and intelligence will carry
over to his puppies. View his pedigree and you will agree that he has much to
offer to your breeding program. As you can see from the photos of his lineage,
the qualities that we have talked about have been passed down the line.
Therefore, his puppies will no doubt have the same qualities. With his
personality and demeanor you will have great puppies for the person who is
wanting not only beauty but temperament as well.
Quanto has been sold.

We have kept a son of Quanto's and he will be available for stud
once he is old enough.
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Quanto's Pedigree
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